We have plans to hold live classes for local members of our online school. We are also currently working on partnering with Marukai Corporation over the next few years to possibly offer entrance to our live classes to Marukai store members in California, as well as holding other live events. We are currently working out all the details of this, so keep checking back often to find out more. For now, here are some of the things we plan on teaching in these classes:

  1. What you will need to make sushi at home
  2. How to prepare rice
  3. How to cook rice
  4. How to make Wasabi
  5. How to make sushi (vinegar) rice
  6. How to mix sushi rice
  7. How to prepare and properly cut Nori
  8. How to roll California rolls
  9. How to wrap Tekka-Maki
  10. How to make Gunkan sushi
  11. How to make Maguro sushi
  12. How to properly eat sushi
  13. What tools to use and how to use them when making sushi
  14. How to use Japanese kitchen knives
These will be some of the basic things that will be taught in this class. We will release the full details on time, location, and cost of the live classes as on our site as they become available. We will sell essentials such as Wasabi, Makisu (mat used for rolling sushi), and Nori. We will also bring knives from my personal collection and show them.

wasabi, makisu