Welcome to SushiTrainer, the world's first most extensive online sushi school! Come and learn from professional sushi masters online. Start building your career at home at your own pace with our competitive and affordable online lessons.

Our Online Sushi Training Program

SushiTrainer is a subscription-based sushi instruction service. For the foodie, SushiTrainer gives you the basic skills and know-how for creating your own elaborate sushi meals. For professional sushi chefs, our school offers advanced training in presentation techniques and a curriculum designed to provide insight on how to refresh and improve upon advanced sushi making abilities. Our program offers the following:
  • Online real-time interactive video instruction
  • 3-Way rotating instruction center for multimedia E-learning
  • Downloadable lessons recipes, and nutritional info
  • Over 300 videos and over 10,000 photos
  • Professional instruction from beginning to advanced sushi training
  • Online note taking system
  • Message board
  • User administration center
  • Study at your own pace
  • Quick over the phone and email support
  • Resources and external links for obtaining tools and sushi equipment

Free Sample Movies

vegetable decoration
Nigiri Nigiri

Maki Maki

Sakudori Sakudori

In our online sushi school, you can watch over 300 instructional videos made by professional sushi masters. No matter what your level is, you'll learn all the skills you need as a sushi chef with our easy to follow, step by step instructions. Come inside and see!


  1. I have no experience making sushi, it seems fun but really complicated. Can Sushitrainer help me?
  2. Where can I purchase ingredients and tools used in making sushi?
  3. Can I actually learn how to make sushi?
  4. How much is it to sign up? How often am I billed? What methods are used in billing?
  5. What if I want to stop the service?
  6. Does Sushitrainer give out or sell customer information?
  7. What do you mean by full multimedia E-learning?

In the Classroom!

Beginner Level
Vinegar Preparation
Wasabi Preparation
Seaweed Preparation
Washing and Steaming Rice
Mixing Rice and Vinegar
Rice ball for practice sushi
Basic Education of Maki-Sushi (Rolls)
Basic Japanese Sushi Information
Introducing the World's First Online Sushi School
Introduction of Fresh Fish for Japanese Sushi use
Tuna Sectioning
Intro to Vegetables and Other Ingredients for Sushi
Basic Education of Nigiri Sushi (Text only)
The Most Fancy Sushi Bars & Sushi in Tokyo
Introduction to Different Styles of Sushi
Introduction of # 1 Sushi Chef in Japan
Introduction to Hand Roll Party at Home
Middle Advanced
Nigiri Sushi
Makimono Sushi
Ocean Fresh Fish Market
Pacific Fresh Fish Market
LA Fish Co.
International Marine Products
Best Fresh Fish in Japan Intro
Tsukiji Market Intro
Tsukiji Fresh Fish Intro
Tuna Auction at Tsukiji Market w/inst
Tuna Auction at Tsukiji Market w/o inst
Sushi Decoration
Sashimi Decoration
Intro to
Japanese Fugu (Globefish) Intro
LA Retail Market Intro
LA Vegetable Market Intro
LA Supplier listings
Takaokaya Nori, Intro
Kinjirushi Wasabi
Eating Sashimi
Eating Sushi - Tuna Roll
Cucumber Art
Daikon Katsuramuki
Decoration Rose by carrot
Stories and History of Sushi
Nutrition Data
The Sake of MTC
The Sake of MTC
The Sake of MTC
The Shochu of MTC
Tools Intro
Plates for sushi Intro
Sushi Cutlery Intro
Nenohi Cutlery
How to build a Japanese Knife Fittings
How to build a sashimi serving chop-sticks
California Roll
California Orange Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Imperial Roll
Crab Roll
Vegetable roll
Asparagus Roll
Alaskan Roll
Aloha Roll
Tiger Roll
Yellowtail Roll
Crunchy Roll
Spider Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Albacore Roll
Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll
Spicy Scallop Roll
Lettuce Roll
Lettuce Eel Roll
Rainbow Roll
LEFT-HANDED, California Roll
Tuna Roll
Cucumber Roll
Cucumber Roll w/ soybean paper
Tuna Roll w/ soybean paper
Kanpyo (Gourd) Maki
Salmon Skin Hand Roll
LEFT-HANDED, Cucumber Roll
Tuna Nigiri
Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Medium Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Halibut Nigiri
Red Snapper Nigiri
Yellowtail Nigiri
Squid Nigiri
Octopus Nigiri
Marinated Mackerel Nigiri
Gizzard Shed Nigiri
Sardine Nigiri
Spanish Mackerel Nigiri
Salmon Nigiri
Sweet Shrimp Nigiri
Shrimp Nigiri
Orange Clam Nigiri
Abalone Nigiri
Scallop Nigiri
Giant Clam Nigiri
Sea Eel Nigiri
Sea Urchin Nigiri
Salmon Roe Nigiri
Egg Nigiri
LEFT-HANDED, Tuna Nigiri
LEFT-HANDED, Shrimp Nigiri
Tuna & Yellowtail Sushi w/ ZOOM-UP
Stewed Kanpyo
Boiled Shrimp
Cooked Sea Eel
Stewed Shiitake
Strewed Inari
Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna Prep
Blue Fin Tuna Sectioning (Sakudori)
IMP Fresh Fishes cleaning up scenes
Yellow Fin Tuna Prep
Spanish Tuna Prep
Big Eye Tuna Slides
Baby Yellowtail
Striped Bass
Gizzard Shed
Atlantic Squid
Giant Clam
Orange Clam
Sweet Shrimp
Sea Eel
Japanese Yellowtail
Ark Shell
Turban Shell


A subscription to SushiTrainer gives you full access to all content available on our website including our database of downloadable pictures and recipes available for consumer use, message board, and links to other useful sushi sites and locales. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you may email or phone in your request to do so at any time.

 Initial Signup Fee $50.00/USD  
 Monthly Fee $  29.00/USD  
 Yearly Subscription $199.00/USD  

Corporate Use
 Initial Fee $500/USD  
(once, every 2 years)
 Monthly Fee $300/USD  
(up to 20 students)

Japanese Knives

knife_nenohi02.jpg The SushiTrainer team uses custom-made knives, which four of the six Iron Chefs also use. We will continue to introduce new knives and update information in this section as well.
More Japanese knife info