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Number Ninth Brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife in Entire Japan

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Sugimoto, Japanese Western Style Knives
The history of Sugimoto Cutlery is a very long one. They originate from a blacksmith business that started in the early years of the Tenpo period (1830-). In the postwar era, they began specializing in not only Japanese knives, but Western style and Chinese knives as well. Their Chinese knives are used at 50% of Chinese restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama.

They still make some of the top Japanese knives in Japan, using an excellent sense and new technology. Their knives are very sharp and offer excellent quality. Due to their quality, they are very popular among professional chefs, but are also popular in the home, because of their ease of use. Due to the ease of making complex cuts with these knives, it is no wonder that they have been one of the most loved and consistently sold knives in Japan. These SUGIMOTO brand are selling by Mutual Trading Company/MTC of L.A. for US market.

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