Number Seventh Brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife in Entire Japan


Sakai - Takayuki

Sakai - Takayuki
SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, HONYAKI 330mm YANAGIBA with ebony and pure silver fittings for $2,900.00 in Japan

sakai_meister.jpg Sakai-Takayuki is a company based in Sakai, Osaka, which has been making high quality knives since 1942. I will introduce the best knives they have to offer to you. Every year, they sell a considerable number of knives. I personally used their knives for four to five years. The blades I used were Abura-Honyaki forged. I had a Yanagiba and Deba blade. The finishing on the knives was top grade and they were of very high quality. Takayuki brand knives are sold in America, and can be seen at Mutual Trading Compay/MTC in L.A. They cut very well and are very easy to re-sharpen and use. The quality and specs on these knives are fitting for the 21st century.

SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, Blue steel MIZU-HONYAKI YANAGIBA 300mm $1,500 in Japan

SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, Blue steel MIZU-HONYAKI USUBA 225mm for $1,450 in Japan

SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, White steel MIZU-HONYAKI YANAGIBA 300mm for $850 in Japan

SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, White steel MIZU-HONYAKI DEBA 210mm for $950 in Japan

SAKAI-TAKAYUKI, GINSAN (stainless) steel MIZU-HONYAKI DEBA 210mm for $690 in Japan

These knives were made with Japanese blue laurel. Aside from these, there are 25 other types of knives. Takayuki probably sells the most knives out of any Japanese knife company per year. The prices on their knives are not too bad either, when compared to regular knives. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular in Japan.

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