nenohimaru01.jpg nenohimaru02.jpg
NENOHI, NENOHIMARU Mizu-Honyaki 300mm x 45mm width blade for Sushi use YANAGIBA
nenohimaru03.jpg nenohimaru04.jpg
NENOHI, NONOHIMARU Mizu-Honyaki 210mm DEBA-BLADE for Sushi use

The four pictures shown here show a first set of knives of NENONIMARU we received from Nenohi of Japan. These two knives are the first pair we received from Nenohi, and the second pair is currently being used by our instructor and chef Moriaki who works at Sanukinosato Restaurant in Gardena. The chef at Sanukisato in Gardena purchased second par of NENOHIMARU (KAGE-UCHI) and is now using one of these knives.

knife making These were made by two famous knife forgers named TOGISHI, Shinpei Ino and Kajishi, Yoshkazu Ikeda in Sakai, Osaka, and it took about 180 days for just blades to be completed. The reason it takes 180 days for blades, is because at least 120 days are required to let the steel sit and stabilize aging.

These both knife makers are very well known in Osaka, Japan. Even the head chef at the Imperial Palace uses a level of NENOHIMARU knives. All parts of NENOHIMARU blades are made by hands of SHOKUNIN (Japanese Industrial Technician), especially including the patterns of tempered-line in the blade (just like a Japanese sword) and scabbard done by Japanese lacquer hand painted.

We received above pair of blades from Nenohi in May 2008. It can be said that almost any chef desires the highest quality knife ever made in Japan. At this level of quality, knives regularly go for prices of around @20,000 a blade.