mizuno tanrenjyo

Number Second Brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife in Entire Japan

All Silver & Ebony fittings
for @$4,890.00 in Japan

Mizuno Tanrenjo

The picture above shows a knife that was made at Mizuno-Tanrenjo in Osaka. This is a hand forged Mizu-Honyaki steel blade. This knife is designed to that the handle can be detached from the blade. This knife differs slightly from Nenohifs knives. They let their steel sit for six weeks, which I feel to be a very long time. However, their blades are still very high quality.

Here is a 300mm Yanagiba blade made by Mizuno-Tanrenjo. This knife is made both in white steel and blue steel versions. This knife is very expensive, but this is because it is handmade with the Mizu-Honyaki technique. I used this blade for about two years in the past years, and have many good memories about using it. The fittings on this knife were same type of Nenohi.

MIZUNO, MIZU-HONYAKI Silver & Ebony fittings 300mm YANAGIBA for @$2,650.00 in Japan.

mizuno yanagiba

The knife above is called a Kiritsuke-Yanagiba type of blade. This knife is 360mm, so it can be said that it is not very long. I actually have a 330mm Kiritsuke-Yanagiba blade which once you get used to, is quite a good knife. This knife is not often seen in the sushi bars of L.A.

MIZUNO, MIZU-HONYAKI with Ebony fittings 360mm KIRITSU for @$2,050.00 in Japan.

mizuno kiritsuke

mizuno standardyanagiba
MIZUNO, MIZU-HONYAKI with Standard fittings 300mm YANAGIBA for @$950 or up in Japan.

mizuno deba
MIZUNO, MIZU-HONYAKI with Standard fittings 210mm DEBA for @$1,550 or up in Japan.

Shown here are two knife made by Mizuno-Tanrenjo. The Yanagiba is 300mm and sells for $1,000 or higher and the Deba-Knife is 210mm and sells for $1,500 or higher. These knives are top of their class and offer excellent quality for a professional use.

Mizuno Tanrenjyo
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