Number Sixth Brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife in Entire Japan

Minamoto Izumimasa

Minamoto Izumimasa

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Minamoto Izumimasa knife set The two pictures here show knives that were made by Minamoto-Izumasa, which has been making knives since 1906. In 1996, I bought a 300mm Yanagiba knife from them and tested it out. It was a handmade knife. This knife maker is definitely in the top ten in Japan. This brand knife is very solid and cuts very well. Now in Sakai, Osaka, there are over 300 knife makers.

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White Steel 300mm HONYAKI-BLADE @$610
minamoto knife
White Steel 210mm HONYAKI-DEBA @$690
White Steel 225mm HONYAKI-DEBA @$790

The knives shown above are standard model Mizu-Honyaki blades made by Minamoto-Izumimasa. This company is quite popular in Kansai and has been selling KDX (an hardest stainless steel) steel knives for quite a while now. Japanese knives are only good for a professional use because they are expensive, but they are quite easy to re-sharpen and have an extremely sharp cutting edge.

After looking at the specs of each knife, it is important to choose one that you want to use. Since these knives are all handmade, they all have their own characteristics depending on the method with which they were forged, and the temperature they were formed at. Thus, it can be said that every knife carries unique strengths and flaws with it. That is the Japanese knife.

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