Number Third Brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife in Entire Japan



Ikkanshi-Tadatsuna, shown here is a brand that is well known in Sakai, Osaka. It has been known to offer some of the best knives since the 80s. They make knives that are very versatile, and can handle many things, such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Many professional chefs have Ikkanshi-Tadatsuna knives for these very purposes. There are currently only three vendors in Japan which deal these knives. I myself used an Ikkanshi-Tadatsuna knife two years ago. However, due to the highest price of the knife in entre market of Japan, I was not able to keep very many.

ikkanshilogo. I did not develop a liking for the knife in my time using it, so I ended up giving it to a friend. Based on the quality of the knife, and many other factors, the use of a knife will vary, even with a professional chef. Knives that are hand made one by one with the Mizu-Honyaki technique are completely different in quality. Even saying that, I will say that this company makes some of the best knives in Japan.

Ikkansai-Tadatsuna, uses some of their top custom order blade for two famous knife makers named TOGISHI, Shinpei Ino and Kajishi, Yoshkazu Ikeda in Sakai, Osaka, to complete their custom order blade. But these two SHOKUNINS (Japanese Industrial Technician) are same as Nenohi Cutlery use for many years.
Nagata-Cutlery Store

Nagata-Cutlery Store in Sakai City, Osaka