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We would like to show everyone the correct way to make and eat sushi through our site. There are many people in America who are interested in sushi, and this website, started in 2004, is the perfect place for them to learn all about it. I will not only include things about sushi, but I will also include things about Japan and Japanese culture in general. I will teach as much as I can, and try to teach everything I know about Japan that I have learned over the past 50 years. This website is based out of Los Angeles, California. I would like to create a site for people in America that offers competitive service comparable to the many online sushi schools in Japan.

This website is aimed at people who are interested in making sushi at home, whether you are seriously interested in serving sushi to others on a professional level, or you simply want to try making it for your own enjoyment. There will be support to answer any questions you may have and, if you study sushi seriously, the content of this site will be very easy to understand. There are many other things you can make, such as rice balls, taught in the section 10-5 text file. We teach you everything you need to know to make sushi. Here are some of the things we offer:

  1. 1. Videos with voiceovers and corresponding text files that explain everything. All of these files are also accompanied by a collection of photographs.
  2. 2. We also offer slide shows with voiceovers. These also include a corresponding text file with photographs for further clarification. Using these, you can easily start to understand how to make sushi. In order to do this, we have organized all of our movies and other files in a manner that makes them very accessible and easy to find. We would like all of our content to be understandable and accessible to anyone interested in making sushi in their home. We include all sushi that has been made in Los Angeles since the 1970's and, we also have traditional Japanese sushi. I will make sure to explain the differences between traditional Japanese sushi and sushi made here in America.
Once inside the SushiTrainer.com school, there are over 250 classes for students to take. Right along side each video, are text files that outline the steps of each preparation procedure in detail. Also available are the school's message board and electronic note taking system that allow students to interact in the learning experience. This is just a simple explanation of the content available once inside SushiTrainer.com. The majority of our videos have been filmed for right-handed chefs, but we are working hard to also produce videos for left-handed people as well.

There are several things that you should be aware of when using SushiTrainer.com. We always emphasize safety first. If you do not have much experience with cooking knives, we advise you to avoid performing the advanced techniques shown on this site. There are articles about how to cut fish and shellfish which require advanced cutting skills. I highly recommend that you do not attempt to do what is seen in the videos of these techniques, as serious injury may occur. We, SushiTrainer.com, will not take any responsibility for any injuries suffered by students due to imitating any of the actions seen in our videos. Please see our registration agreement for further details.

The History and Origin of Sushi

We have taken special care in studying the 200 year history of sushi and its origins, and we would like to tell everyone who is interested in sushi accurate information about it.

A Detailed Explanation of the History of Sushi in L.A.

We plan on explaining the complete history of sushi in Los Angeles. There are many types of sushi that were first made in America, and are now very popular in Japan. We will make sure to explain the history of these types of sushi in detail in our school. In a 2007 New York Times article, it was said that there are two types of sushi that now exist in America. I would like to tell you the differences between sushi in America and sushi first made long ago in Japan.