Frequently Asked Questions

What is SushiTrainer and how can it help me?
For the foodie, SushiTrainer gives you the basic skills and know-how for creating your own elaborate sushi meals. For professional sushi chefs, the site offers advanced training and curriculum to refresh previous knowledge and provides techniques and insights on how to improve upon your sushi preparation abilities.

I have no experience making sushi; it seems fun, but looks really complicated. Can SushiTrainer help me?
We offer detailed videos with text and voice instructions for the basic steps and techniques used in making sushi, as well as the principles and thoughts behind the sushi making process. Start with the beginner level sections, which were specifically designed for those with no sushi experience, to get them up to speed.

Where can I purchase ingredients and tools used in making sushi?
We offer links to local California markets and online Japanese sushi tool suppliers that will have everything you need to start making sushi.

Can I actually learn how to make sushi?
Yes, you will be making sushi like a pro in no time! The class system is structured to take novices up to advanced levels. With a learn-at-your-own-pace environment, you don't have to feel pressured if you want to master certain techniques and aspects of sushi making before you continue. For those who like to hurry on or have previous experience in making sushi, you can skip certain sections and move straight away to more advanced concepts such as fish preparation.

How much is it to sign up? How often am I billed? What methods are used in billing?
There is a monthly fee of $9.95 and a $20 initial sign-up fee. Additionally, we offer a $99 yearly subscription to the site. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. We will also be offering Paypal service in the future. If you are uncomfortable with signing up online, you can fax your credit card and contact info to Tokyo eTech at (562) 290-8326, or you can send a check by mail to 4142 Elm Avenue Suite #305, Long Beach, CA 90807. We will confirm payment through email when received.

What if I want to stop the service?
It's simple! Call, fax, or send us an email with your request. We will cancel your subscription at the beginning of the next billing cycle. You will receive an email when your cancellation has been processed.

Does SushiTrainer give out or sell customer information?
We value our customers highly and will not release any customer information or data without customer approval first.

What do you mean by "full multimedia E-learning"?
With recent advances in technology, we are able to stream and create "T.V.-like" video streams that enable the learner to visually see demonstrations of techniques never-before-taught to amateur chefs. To reinforce concepts learned through demonstrations, also offers downloadable recipes and text instructions. All this, coupled with a powerful note-taking system and easy-to-navigate 3- way rotating panels, and access to our robust message board for all class discussion.