Certification as a Sushi Chef through SushiTrainer.com

sushi set Most of the content on SushiTrainer.com will be updated every three to six months. We will do things like add new information and improvements to articles. We will change the content of our site with the money we receive from our subscribers. We will also have a support team made up of seven different people. Each one will be responsible for providing support on one day of the week. This is how our website will work.

For those interested in becoming sushi chefs, we will offer a certificate of qualification through an exam. For those students who attend SushiTrainer.com classes and do so for 24 months, they will accumulate points that will allow them to take a test for certification. The content tested on is as follows:

  • General knowledge of sushi
  • General knowledge of the tools used to make sushi
  • The correct way to make Maki sushi (must show ability to do so in-person)
  • The correct way to make Nigiri sushi (must show ability to do so in person)
  • General knowledge of sashimi, and how to prepare it
  • General knowledge of fish and other general ingredients used for sushi
  • The proper etiquette when eating sushi and sashimi
These are the things that are included on the test. We would like you to become knowledgeable about sushi to the point where you can pass this test easily, and 24 months is an appropriate amount of time to be able to do so. One's knowledge regarding sushi should be very high in order to gain certification. I will work with the instructors at our school and the rest of the SushiTrainer.com staff to help you become as knowledgeable about sushi as possible.

If you pass this test, you will have proof that you are more knowledgeable about sushi than the average sushi chef in Los Angeles today. You will also be a step ahead of young Japanese sushi chefs who are starting out in the business. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a uniform for instructors, as well as a certificate stating your proficiency in the field of sushi preparation. This certificate will be something unique to our school. In two years, on November 11th (Japanese Sushi Day), we plan to start holding this test.

Out of all the sushi chefs in Los Angeles., probably less than 5% of them truly hold pride in the work that they do. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the few remaining chefs who still take pride in their work. However, there are many chefs who run things quite sloppily, and do things like shout out orders right in front of their customers.

There are many chefs who come all the way from Japan to make sushi here, but they do things in front of customers like yell at their waiters and waitresses. For me, as a Japanese chef, this is very embarrassing, but it is a fact that these types of chefs are quite common in the Los Angeles area. At SushiTrainer.com, we want to provide the best learning experience possible when it comes to sushi, so we place a heavy emphasis on manners. We would like everyone to be able to eat sushi in a polite manner to be able to fully understand the true meaning of sushi.